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Make Your Faith Public

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An anonymous quotation says, "He died in public for you. Why would you live your Christian life in private?" A genuine transformation almost always follows a public testimony, whether to one or two, perhaps a group of people. It's like discovering a cure for a dreaded disease, you just don't keep it to yourself. Make your faith public!
File Date Title
06/22/2019 Day 7 - The Message We Share Download
06/21/2019 Day 6 - Moving Beyond Our Comfort Zone Download
06/20/2019 Day 5 - Praying People Out of Prison Download
06/19/2019 Day 4 - Invite People to Church Download
06/18/2019 Day 3 - Sharing Your Story Download
06/17/2019 Day 2 - The Old Has Gone, The New is Here! Download
06/16/2019 Day 1 - The RETURN of the Prodigal Son Download