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Flourish in Gratitude

541155 flourish in gratitude

We want to be people who see life through a sharply focused lens of gratitude to Jesus that defines and shapes how we live, constantly striving to see life as He sees it, to truly look at the faces of people, and to see the beauty of life around us. This five-day reading plan helps us delve into the very essence of this life-altering state of gratitude.
File Date Title
11/28/2019 Day 5 - Grateful for Restoration Download
11/27/2019 Day 4 - Grateful for Victory Download
11/26/2019 Day 3 - Grateful for Provision Download
11/25/2019 Day 2 - Grateful for the Word Download
11/24/2019 Day 1 - Clothed in Gratitude Download